CMCRC Award Winning Startup Announced at Tech 23

10 October 2017 (Sydney):   We are pleased to announce the winner of the CMCRC Market Changing Technologies Award goes to Xplor!

CMCRC COO David Wright awarded the $5k cash prize to the Tech23 company for having the best chance of achieving global success to Xplor CEO Mark Woodland last night. Mr Woodland presented earlier on the day, explaining their company supplies end to end management software of education experiences, including essential everyday administrator tools that streamline payments, tasks, rostering, CCMS and more.

What impressed the CMCRC was the incredible understanding of value for their target customers.  Congratulations again MyXplor!

CMCRC is a regular sponsor and supporter of Australian tech stratups of Tech 23, the annual gathering of Australian startups promoting connections and collaborations between investors, entrepreneurs and innovators in technology. 

Read more about Xplor here

COO David Wright (left) with Xplor CEO Mark Woodland at Tech23 2017


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