The CMCRC health research team has announced the annual health conference on 17-18 May by invitation, promising an exciting international and domestic line up of talent to hear about emerging trends in the digital health space.

Our distinguished line-up of guest speakers, keynote and panel speakers are eminent industry professionals and academics who will discuss their experience and research that may impact the future of data research.


Health Research Leader A/Prof Federico Girosi and Research Scientist and Mentor Dr Uma Srinivasan have been featured in Research Australia's 2016 Awards Gala Dinner video.


Congratulations to our Singapore based collaborator Dr Zhu Zhecheng (NHG HSOR) and Associate Professor Federico Girosi, Head of Research of the Health Market Quality (HMQ) program


Dr. Ehsan Borzeshi, Senior Data Scientist at CMCRC and Lorica Health has been named in the May 2017 edition of the 15-yr-old Swamys Perspectives list on LinkedIn.

The role call, by Swamy and Associates, an Indian based legal firm, gives recognition to Australia's advanced-analytics and AI Stalwarts.

Capital Markets Technologies (CMT) are proud to invest in CIM Enviro, an Australian startup using cutting edge technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help customers reduce energy usage.

CIM Enviro’s ACE system harvests data from building equipment like pumps, fans and air conditioners using off-the-shelf industrial IoT hardware, then uses big data processing and machines learning algorithms to detect faults and inefficiencies that are wasting energy.


CMCRC congratulates Associate Professor Federico Girosi, Head of Research of the CMCRC Health Program, awarded a $2.5M project grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) as one of the Chief Investigators. 

The project, led by Dr. Penelope Abbott of Western Sydney University, is called the INFLATE trial and aims to treat ear infections (Otitis media) in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.


Health PhD student Kelsey Chalmers has appeared as a co-author in the January issue of the UK based Lancet journal, one of the oldest and most well known peer-reviewed medical publications worldwide.  


New updates are available on the US tick size pilot, arguably the biggest change to US markets in over a decade. What used to take months for an experienced academic now takes a day or so thanks to the Market Quality Dashboard 


Professor Aitken AM will be speaking about cutting edge developments in the FinTech industry at the Financial Risk Day event on Friday 17 March.


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