Director of Partner Relations and Program Office Lee-Ann Breger represented the Digital Health CRC was at the launch of National Digital Health Strategy and Framework for Action with opening speech presented by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt. The Framework was developed in consultation with key health and consumer stakeholders and will act as a roadmap of high quality digital healthcare. The strategy will help deliver improved services including digital baby books for new parents, and coor


Federal Minister, the Hon. Craig Laundy announces the planned merger of two of Australia’s leading translational research centres, the Capital Market Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC), Australia’s world-leading translational research institute, and Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA) on Thursday 14 June.


Health PhD candidate Jo Khoo was a guest host alongside Dr Amalie Dyda on the soundcloud podcast “Stories in Public Health” interviewing with the Director of Health Services Management Centre Professor Judith Smith, University of Birmingham.


Lives depend on research access and reform in the health data space, yet the Government says it will start reform in other sectors, says CMCRC Health Research Analyst Cassie Quilty on Flying Blind website, a joint collaboration between CMCRC and Research Australia.


Senior Health Data Scientist Dr Ehsan Borzeshi has been published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology  alongside other researchers based in Victoria on the accuracy of third party interpretation of digital rectal examination (DRE) notes.


CIM Enviro has been nominated for the CSIRO “Best-In-Class” during a worldwide review of software providers for Fault Detection & Diagnostics.


We are pleased to announce the China Securities Market Quality Report and the China Market Quality Cooperative Research Centre were launched April 21 in China.


PhD Health Market Quality candidate Arif Khan has been published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics alongside one of the co-authors, CMCRC HMQ senior research scientist and PhD mentor Dr Uma Srinivasan


 Health PhD candidate Mohammad Pulok has recently presented a summary of his PhD papers at the University of Toronto for the March Canadian Centre for Health Economics Seminar. Mohammad’s PhD uses horizontal inequity to conduct the fairness of Medicare healthcare services in the era of greater private healthcare financing in Australia.


“Don’t fall in love with your own product”, says David Walsh, CEO & Founder of CIM Enviro, a CMT investment in the building efficiency space. Walsh was recently on Sales Native podcast speaking of CIM Enviro business and sales tactics.


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