Health Partners

The CMCRC has a broad range of research partners in the health domain including insurers, government, technology companies and leading universities.

The CMCRC invites organisations to become research partners (or student sponsors) of the CMCRC where there are synergies and mutual benefits for both parties. Research partners provide funding to sponsor PhD students to undertake research which is of strategic and commercial importance to the research partner. The PhD students are sourced from leading universities and are the finest minds in their years with many holding university medals.

Why become an industry partner?

  • Access to outstanding PhD researchers in health and computer science disciplines who are supervised by World leading academics.
  • Computer Power, the centre operates high end severs for processing vast volumes of data and has terabyte scale databases and sophisticated data management software.
  • Access to the CMCRC programming team.
  • Unique market data.

Why become a university partner?

  • Leading education and training program providing PhD candidates with skill base and resources to deliver high calibre research output
  • Links with industry
  • Academic recruitment
  • Access to commercial and privileged market data.

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