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Area of Expertise



Sanjay Chawla is Professor of Pattern and Data Mining in the School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney. He served as the Head of School during 2008-11. His research work has appeared in leading data mining journals and conferences including ACM TKDD, Machine Learning, IEEE TKDE, DMKD, ACM SIGKDD, IEEE ICDM, SDM, and PAKDD. He is an associate editor for IEEE TKDE and serves on the editorial board of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

Areas of expertise:Data Mining, Learning in adversarial environments


Jane Hall is the Director of Strategy for the Centre and Professor of Health Economics in the UTS Business School. She was the founding Director of CHERE and held that position until 2012. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. In 2012 she was recognized with a UTS Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence in Research Leadership. In 2011 she was awarded the inaugural Professional Award made by the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand, for her outstanding contributions to research, developing the field and mentoring others.

Areas of expertise:Health Economics, Control

Associate Professor

Federico Girosi is an Associate Professor in Population Health at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University and the Head of Research of the Health Market Quality program of Capital Markets CRC. Dr. Girosi is a health economist and a data scientist whose interests span a wide range of topics. 

Areas of expertise:Health Economics, Data Mining


Professor Adam Elshaug is an internationally recognized researcher and policy advisor with expertise in reducing waste and optimizing value in health care.

Areas of expertise:Health Policy, Disinvestment, Eradicating waste and optimizing value in health care, Health Technology Assessment, Health Services Research, Clinical Epidemiology, Health Economics, Stakeholder engagement in health care policy reform


Musa Mammadov (Mamedov) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Federation University Australia. He is a member of the Centre for Informatics and Applied Optimization (CIAO). Dr Mammdov holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the St. Petersburg State University (Russia) and Ph.D. in Mathematics & IT from the Federation University Australia.

Areas of expertise:Optimization and Optimal Control Theory / Dynamical Systems / Data Mining

postdoctoral researcher

Arif Khan is a postdoctoral researcher in complex systems research group at the University of Sydney. His key research interests are in the fields of complex networks, data mining, healthcare informatics, computer graphics and visualisation.

Areas of expertise:Chronic disease, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases


Dr Kathy Tannous is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Research at Western Sydney University. Her current research areas include the evaluation of Fire and Rescue New South Wales Home Fire Safety Checks Program from the firefighters' perspective.She is a senior lecturer in the School of Business with an active research program in aspects of health economics, economic evaluation studies, and community care. Lecturing experience spans over 18 years and across a number of tertiary institutions in areas of Economics, Finance, and Management.

Areas of expertise:Fire, safety, aboriginal fire safety, insurance, health, finance


Rosalie Viney is the Director of the Centre for Health Economics Research & Evaluation (CHERE) and Professor of Health Economics at UTS. She holds an honorary Senior Lectureship in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney and is a Research Associate of the Centre for Applied Economics Research at the University of New South Wales. Rosalie has a PhD in economics from the University of Sydney. Her PhD research focused on the use of discrete choice experiments to value health outcomes and investigate the assumptions underlying Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs).

Areas of expertise:Market Design - Health


Karen Grimmer is Professor of Allied Health in the School of Health Sciences. She is the Director of the International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE).Karen's interests are diverse. They include the philosophy and practice of implementation of evidence, adolescent musculoskeletal health and its public health implications, posture and its determinants, allied health service quality and outcome measurement, discharge planning from hospitals and the systems which underpin good practices.

Areas of expertise:Health Services, Cost Effectiveness

Adjunct Professor

Dr Uma Srinivasan currently works as a research scientist and mentor for health market quality PhD students at Capital Markets CRC. Dr Srinivasan also provides advise to research and product development in the area of health information business intelligence services.

Areas of expertise:Health Economics, Data Mining


Professor Athula Ginige graduated with B.Sc. first class honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. In 1987 he won a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship to read for a PhD at the University of Cambridge where he developed a computer vision system for a robot working in a semi-structured environment. After finishing his PhD he joined the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). At the time of leaving UTS he was an Associate Professor and the Head of Computer Systems Engineering Group.

Areas of expertise:Computer Networking, Information Systems, Web Engineering, eBusiness, eTransformation


Dr Shahadat Uddin is a lecturer at the University of Sydney, Australia. He is a Complex Networks researcher, with a significant emphasis to health analytics and Informetrics as application areas of different methods and models of complex networks. Dr Uddin’s research has addressed how networks evolve over time in different real-life contexts and the impact of the evolutionary dynamics of these networks on the performance and behaviour of individuals. 

Areas of expertise:Network Analysis, Health analytics, Data modelling


Dr Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio currently researches the theory and application of Discrete Mathematics. Within Discrete Mathematics, I am mainly interested in the areas of Combinatorics, Permutation Groups and Combinatorial Optimization. However, I have also worked on Computational Geometry and on the design of geographic information systems.

Areas of expertise:Maths, Data Mining

Research Fellow

Dr Blanca Gallego Luxan PhD (UCLA), BS (UAM) is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) and leads the modelling and simulation in health team. This multidisciplinary research group is developing new empirical models for the analysis, assessment and prediction of healthcare delivery and for the integration of new sources of information into public health and clinical decision making.

Supervisor Homepage

Areas of expertise:Data Mining


Nicholas Graves is Professor of Health Economics with a joint appointment in the Institute of Biomedical and Health Innovation, School of Public Health, Queensland University of Technology and the Centre for Healthcare Related Infection Control and Surveillance, Queensland Health, Australia.

Research interests

Applied economics work on:

Areas of expertise:Health Economics


Julien Ugon is from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Federation University of Australia. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Ballarat (Australia), received in 2005. Julien's research interests include nonsmooth optimization and applications, telecommunications and data analysis.

Areas of expertise:Data Mining, nonsmooth optimization and applications, telecommunications and data analysis.


Massimo Piccardi is a Professor of Computer Systems with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), that he joined in January 2002 as an associate professor. Previously, he was a senior lecturer/assistant professor with the Faculty of Engineering at University of Ferrara, Italy.

At UTS, he directs the Computer Vision program of the Global Big Data Technologies Centre, an international centre of excellence for the development of enabling technologies for big data science and analytics.

Areas of expertise:Visual pattern recognition, computer vision, image analysis, video analysis video surveillance

Research Fellow

Shima Ghassem Pour recently completed her PhD on the topic of clustering longitudinal health data using Hidden Markov Models at the University of Western Sydney. Dr. Ghassem Pour is interested in using advanced machine learning methods to model, analyse and predict health trajectories.  She is also currently leading the development of a microsimulation project that aims to produce long-term forecasts of health and health care utilisation under a variety of policy scenarios.

Areas of expertise:Data Mining

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Ehsan Zare Borzeshi is a Senior Data Scientist at CMCRC and its spinout company Lorica Health. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition from University of Technology, Sydney. He has previously held appointments as researcher at University of Newcastle and University of Technology, Sydney, in Australia and has also been a visiting scholar at University of Central Florida in the US. Dr.

Areas of expertise:Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Big data


Dr Evan Atlantis is a Senior Research Fellow at Western Sydney University (WSU), and Affiliate Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Medicine at The University of Adelaide. He is a research leader with over 12 years’ professional experience in obesity, diabetes, depression or anxiety and health promotion research based on large observational studies, randomised controlled trials (RCT), and systematic reviews (first authored 36 peer-reviewed papers in these areas to date).

Areas of expertise:obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, health

Senior Lecturer

Steve Milanese is Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy at the School of Health Sciences at University of South Australia. He has postgraduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy, Ergonomics and Manipulative physiotherapy, as well as completing a PhD into the determinants of spinal pain in adolescents. Steve’s areas of research interest are human factors and manual therapy.

Areas of expertise:Evidence – Informed Healthcare


Dr Kees van Gool is a Deputy Director and Associate Professor at the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation at UTS. He has extensive experience in international, national and regional health policy research. He is part of a leading team working on the financing and economics of primary care. Kees has previously contributed to and managed a variety of projects including work conducted for the Commonwealth Department of Health, MBF and the Australian Senate.

Areas of expertise:health, health research, primary care, cancer care, screening, cystic fibrosis, policy evaluation

Associate Professor

Sue is head of the Clinical Registry Unit and an Associate Director of the Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety. She is the registry custodian for the Australian Prostate Cancer Clinical Registry and holds a Monash Partner Academic Fellowship. She teaches the MPH5267 subject "Principles of Health Care Quality Improvement'. Sue completed her PhD in 2006 through the Department of Medicine, University of Adelaide.

Areas of expertise:Patient Safety, Prostate Cancer, Health Care Quality Improvement, Medicine

Kathy Elgar is the Director of the Australian Health Services Research Institute, at the University of Wollongong. Her latest research is focused on breathlessness during the last week of life in palliative care from an Australian prospective.

Areas of expertise:palliative care, breathlessness, health research

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