Research in Health

The Health Market Quality (HMQ) R&D program of the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) covers the application of advanced data sciences to all public and private healthcare settings with the objective of improving integrity and efficiency for all stakeholders in the market.

The Program is highly interdisciplinary and combines elements of health policy, health economics, epidemiology, public health, data mining, predictive analytics and simulation modeling.

The program, represents a collaboration between private and public health organisations that span 60% of Australia’s $150+bn p.a. health spend and 10 leading Australian universities.

The program is focused in three key areas:

  • Overcoming data fragmentation across the Health Market.
  • Reducing fraud, abuse, waste and errors thereby delivering improved market efficiency and integrity as well as improved health outcomes for consumers.
  • Empowering consumers to play an active, fully-informed role in the choice, cost and quality of their healthcare.

CMCRC research is also about realising commercial benefits from innovation.

Health Partners

CMCRC health partners include health insurers, health service providers, accident compensation providers and public health departments and agencies. Research Partners are able to efficiently and significantly boost their research capability by engaging with the CMCRC.

Health Tools

Our solutions represent a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment in research, development and extensive industry testing by an experienced, cross-disciplinary team of data scientists, health domain experts and technologists.

Meet our Health Academics

The CMCRC has a core of research staff and postdoctoral fellows, but it also draws on external partners, both individual and institutional, and invites leading international figures to participate in its activities.

Latest Health Research

Chronic conditions can be costly but also preventable as well as predictable. We develop a model to predict in the short term (2-3 years) the onset of one or more chronic conditions.

The study illustrates a framework to predict the progression of chronic diseases from a new perspective using graph theory and social network analysis methods.

Previous studies have documented the application of electronic health insurance claim data for health services research purposes.

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