Capital Markets Technologies

Capital Markets Technologies (CMT) is actively looking for financial or health technology companies who have a level of maturity and have started to achieve some level of commercial success. We are looking for businesses that have a product to market, and have pilot customers. If you want to drive your business forward more quickly, CMT will partner with you to develop your financial technology, grow and expand your business and reach your future goals. Furthermore, in connecting with the Capital Markets CRC you have access to a global network with leading R&D facilities and capacities.


Capital Markets Technologies is the investment arm of CMCRC who invest in start-up, and emerging growth venture investments in private financial or health technology companies in Australia and overseas.


The Board of Directors of Capital Markets Technologies draws upon a wealth of experience leading commercial and research organisations. Each member is responsible for governing and guiding the financial affairs and strategic investments for CMT.

Profile and Investments

Looking for investment funding and intellectual capital to grow and build your financial technology business or looking to partner with another investor?

More than just a research body, angel investor, or venture capital firm Capital Markets Technologies works to identify and partner with companies and industry partners to develop new and innovative technologies for the capital markets domain.

Capital Markets CRC Limited,
Level 3, 55 Harrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.
t. 61 (2) 8088 4200