Finance Seminars

18-Aug: Hansi Hu - The Curious Case of BHP and Billiton ADR mispricing
25-Aug: Riccardo De Blasis - An empirical study into the impact of shareholders voting on the market value of a firm in Australia: the contribution of blockchain
08-Sep: Haresh Pardasani - Are improved homes overcapitalised in the long run?
22-Sep: Aneesh Chivukula - Machine Learning Models and Data Science Applications in SMARTS Technology 
28-Sep: Michael Garcia - The Impact of Trading Halts on Price Volatility and Liquidity: Evidence from the Agricultural Futures
29-Sep: Stephen Tridgell - High Performance Machine Learning
12-Oct: Duc Man Nguyen - Does market structure matter in firm's listing decision?
13-Oct: Luca Parlamento - Alternative Beta is not Beta
20-Oct: Leonardo Pinheiro - Deep learning for market microstructure
27-Oct: Justin Bercich - High Frequency Trading and Machine Learning
03-Nov: Jonathan Karlsen - Illegal Bitcoin Transactions: Violation and Detection
09-Nov: Panha Heng - An investigation of layering manipulation strategies: empirical evidence from Australian Stock Exchange
10-Nov: Marc Bohmann - Price Discovery in Commodity Derivatives under Dominance of Speculation and Hedging
16-Nov: Yillian Guo - (title to be decided later)
17-Nov: Tom Steffen - Evolving Benchmark Regimes and the effects on Market Quality
23-Nov: Pallab Dey - (title to be decided later)
23-Nov: Florian Schroeder - Flash Crash in Pound Sterling
24-Nov: Khuyen Nguyen - Mining Load Profile Patterns for Australian Electricty Consumers
24-Nov: Ognjen Kovacevic - (title to be decided later)
07-Dec: Robert Enemuwe - Impact of FSB Policy on the Market Integrity of WM/Reuters Foreign Exchange Fixing Regime.
07-Dec: Anne Dyhrberg - The financial capabilities of digital currencies
08-Dec: Stephen Friel - Long Life Ordertype Canadian Experience
12-Dec: Marta Khomyn - Are cancellation rates excessive?
12-Dec: Danny Yan - (title to be decided later)
13-Dec: Melissa Ellsmore - (title to be decided later)
13-Dec: Ravipa Rojasavachai - Supply and Demand shocks on oil price changes and the stock markets
15-Dec: Yolanda Yang - Index Rebalancing
15-Dec: Anqi Liu - (title to be decided later)

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