Finance Seminars

Finance Seminar Series Semester 1, 2017 (updated 3/4/17)

21st April - David Forsberg -  Capacity constraints in hedge funds: The impact of cohort size on fund performance

12th May - Renee Yu - Herding Behaviour in the U.S. Renewable Energy Sectors 

2nd June - Hansi Hu - The Curious Case of BHP and Billiton ADR mispricing

9th June - Panha Heng - An investigation of layering manipulation strategies: empirical evidence from Australian Stock Exchange

16th June - Martin Hauptfleisch - Predictable Trading

23rd June - Eugenio Piazza - Trading in the dark and market makers behaviour for illiquid stocks

30th June -  Michael Garcia - The Impact of Trading Halts on Price Volatility and Liquidity: Evidence from the Agricultural Futures

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