Our central development team is working in the first instance on ICT solutions that involve efficient storage and integration of data. This in turn will assist researchers to engage with our industry partners around the world, to design algorithms that measure fairness and efficiency in insurance and health markets across the globe.

The team speacilises in Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, System Architecture and Product Development. These four elements are the cornerstones of the research streams and product developed by the CMCRC in Health, Finance and Law Enforcement.

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Health Tools

The research and technology development of the CMCRC seeks to addresses the interaction between technology and key market elements –providers, hospitals, funders and patients in the delivery of: claims assessment and surveillance, costing, contracting, patient administration and billing. 

Finance Tools

Our solutions represent a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment in research, development and extensive industry testing by an experienced, cross-disciplinary team of data scientists, finance domain experts and technologists.

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