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Dr Aitken is Professor of ICT Strategy at Macquarie University. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the CMCRC and its Chief Scientist.

Areas of expertise:Insider Trading, Market Manipulation, Microstructure

Dr Bavani Arunasalam is a lead scientist in data mining and analytics at the CMCRC. She is an Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney and has extensive experience in risk identification, fraud detection, and predictive modelling using advanced data mining, text mining, and statistical techniques. Arunasalam received her PhD in computer science from Sydney University.

Areas of expertise:Data Mining, Analytics

Board member

Dr Andreas Furche has been involved in the development of financial technology start-up companies for 20 years, in Australia, the US, and Europe.

As CEO of SMARTS, he led the development and growth of the globally leading market surveillance company, which was grown out of the CMCRC and acquired by NASDAQOMX in 2010.

Areas of expertise:Insider Trading, Market Manipulation, Event Studies


David Gallagher is the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) and is a Professor at the Australian School of Business at The University of New South Wales.

Areas of expertise:Investment Management, Market Efficiency and Information, Portfolio Performance Measurement

Associate Professor

Federico Girosi is an Associate Professor in Population Health at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University and the Head of Research of the Health Market Quality program of Capital Markets CRC. Dr. Girosi is a health economist and a data scientist whose interests span a wide range of topics. 

Areas of expertise:Health Economics, Data Mining


Dr. Gomber holds the Chair of Business Administration, especially e-Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Frankfurt/M.

Areas of expertise:E-Finance, Microstructure

Adjunct Professor

Dr Hains is Adjunct Professor, School of Law Sydney, University of Notre Dame Australia, building on an established career in securities market compliance as the Head of Compliance and Counsel for a number of global systemically important financial institutions, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Royal Bank of Scotland, and ABN AMRO Group Australia & NZ.

Areas of expertise:Compliance, Derivatives and OTC, Off market trading, Stock Broking, AFSL, Investment Banking.


Dr. Harris is the John B. McKinnon Professor of Managerial Economics and Finance at Wake Forest and a Professorial Visiting Fellow at the School of Banking and Finance, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales.

Areas of expertise:Pricing, Damages

Dr Kingsley Jones is Founding Partner/CIO for Jevons Global, a global investment firm.

He has been: Portfolio Manager for the Macquarie Global Thematic Fund; Global Head of Quantitative Trading Research and a member of the Australian Value team at AllianceBernstein LP; head of Quantitative Research at CFSB in Sydney; and a Quantitative Analyst at County Investment Management.

Areas of expertise:Investment Management, Quantitative Finance, Trading Technology


Dr Lepone is a Professor of Finance at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management. His research focusses in the areas of equity and futures market microstructure. He has examined how particular market designs affect market quality, including the structure of off-market block trading facilities and the effect of minimum tick-size reductions for futures contracts.

Areas of expertise:Derivatives, Microstructure, Off-Market Trading

Mr Martinez has had a working lifetime's experience in securities markets and brings particular experience from providing the information that North American prosecutors used to secure convictions.

He was most recently Vice-President (Market Surveillance Division - MKS) Trading Correspondence and Options Surveillance Department of NYSE Regulation, Inc where he was responsible for:

Areas of expertise:Insider Trading, Market Manipulation


Dr. McInish is an author or coauthor of more than one hundred scholarly articles in leading journals such as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Journal of Portfolio Management, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the Sloan Management Review, and he has published "Capital Markets: A Global Perspective in 2000".

Areas of expertise:Microstructure, Pricing

Associate Professor

Dr Mollica leads our Finance Market Quality program, which covers foreign exchange, derivative, real estate, equities, digital currency and OTC markets. He has provided consulting services in relation to breaches of market integrity and prepared policy advice around the over-the-counter swap markets for residential real estate for the Australian Financial Markets Association and to the Financial Services Council in response to regulatory proposals surrounding issues of dark pools and minimum ticks.

Areas of expertise:Market Microstructure, Property, Derivatives

Dr Paul Nicolarakis is Principal of the Health Practice at CMCRC, with expertise across medicine, health policy, clinical analytics and visualisation. After completing degrees in medicine and neuroscience at Sydney University and his residency at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Paul began exploring the interface between health, data and policy, seeing him lead an award winning aged care electronic medical record start up prior to joining Microsoft as their clinical analytics lead, engaging with senior health leaders across the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

Areas of expertise:Medicine, Health Policy, Clinical analytics, Visualisation

Scott Peacock is a specialist practitioner in breaches of securities market rules with over a decade of experience at the helm of the enforcement division of a Canadian regulator of securities markets. An independent barrister and solicitor, he was most recently the Director of Enforcement at the NSSC in Canada until his retirement in June 2013. In this capacity, he acquired broad experience in regulatory compliance, investigations, litigation, criminal prosecution, criminal defence, administrative and securities law.

Areas of expertise:Regulation, Insider Trading, Market Manipulation


Talis Putnins is a Professor in the Finance Discipline Group at UTS and a member of the Quantitative Finance Research Centre. He has also held positions at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies, and has been a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and New York University. His main research interests include financial markets, market microstructure, market manipulation, insider trading and shadow economies.

Areas of expertise:Market Microstructure


Professor Steve Satchell is Academic Advisor to Alpha Strategies and numerous other financial organisations, a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Reader in Financial Econometrics at Cambridge University.

Areas of expertise:Econometrics, Risk Measurement, Utility Theory


Professor Simnett is Chair and CEO Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards Board and Scientia Professor, UNSW Sydney. He is recognised as a leading international auditing researcher and his research interests cover a range of issues in international auditing/assurance, financial accounting, auditor decision processes, corporate governance, and financial disclosure, with a focus on improving audit/assurance quality and policy recommendations.

Areas of expertise:Financial Accounting, Auditor Decision Processes, Financial Disclosure, Accounting, Audit and Assurance standards, Sustainability and Greenhouse Gas Disclosures


Dr Uma Srinivasan is a lead scientist in Health informatics at the CMCRC. Her experience in designing software solutions for hospitals and health departments has shaped her research focus on information solutions that enable efficient and high quality healthcare. Srinivasan holds a PhD in computer science from University of New South Wales.

Areas of expertise:Health Economics, Data Mining


Stephen Taylor is a Professor of Financial Accounting at UTS and a member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB). He leads a CMCRC research program examining the measurement of accounting and audit quality. His research focuses on the intersection of financial economics and accounting. In particular, his work has examined how corporations manage their disclosure policies, the effect of accounting and non-accounting data on firms’ value, the economics of auditing, corporate governance issues and initial public offerings.

Areas of expertise:Valuation, Buybacks, Financial Forecasts, Accounting, Financial Accounting, Accounting disclosure


Professor Venkataraman specialises in the microstructure of equity, fixed-income and energy markets.  An award winning teacher,  his research has been published in major international finance and accounting journals and featured in industry publications such as The CFA Digest, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Financial Times, Economist and Bloomberg News. His work has been influential in guiding regulators in the US and Europe in their policy-making in market microstructure, debt markets and energy markets. His research has won several best paper awards at international conferences.

Areas of expertise:Trading Strategies, Microstructure, Equity, Fixed-Income, Energy Markets


Terry Walter is Professor of Finance  and former Chief Research Officer and Director of Equities Research at Sirca ( Terry has nearly 40 years’ experience as an academic in accounting and finance. He has published widely on topics in finance and accounting, including mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and SEOs, market microstructure, anomalies in empirical capital market evidence, behavioural finance, and the performance of mutual funds.

Areas of expertise:Valuation, Mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and SEOs

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