CMCRC examine issues in health policy, informatics, data mining, and health economics. We work with leading universities, health care providers, and insurers to identify inefficiencies and leakages in the health market.

CMCRC's consulting arm provides leading independent expert witnesses to support legal issues and disputes in market surveillance, continuous disclosure breaches and insider trading.

CMCRC's provides a world class research scholarship program for high achieving PhD and Post Doctoral condaidates to conduct research with an Industry and University partner in Health/Finance/ICT.

CMCRC examines issues in market microstructure, efficiency, surveillance and fairness. We work with leading universities, regulators, exchanges and market participants to evaluate the impact of market design changes.

CMCRC invests and provides funding to support new and existing companies to develop new and innovative technologies.

CMCRC central development team are experts in the productionisation of innovative research technology-such as SMARTS, Market Quality Dashboard, HIBIS and I-Plus.

Capital Markets CRC Limited,
Level 3, 55 Harrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.
t. 61 (2) 8088 4200